Overview of Facai Games

FC Facai Electronics has become a pioneer in promoting the Asian market with exciting and unique games. FC Facai are committed to providing a wide variety of new and diverse video games. The main purpose of research and development is to create high quality games. As a leading game provider, we have decades of rich experience in the industry. Our team has assembled top talents in various areas of expertise. FC Facai continuously innovate, create breakthroughs and focus on the smallest details with the aim of providing the highest quality service and entertainment.
FC Facai always provide the highest level of service and entertainment quality
FC Facai have experience and deep understanding of market trends, Committed to providing players with high quality game experiences, players feel comfortable and travel freely in the game world of FA CHAI.

Fc Gaming Championship

To express gratitude to customers with WJpeso Casino during the past time. Now, to create year-end activities, FC Facai and us organize “Fc Gaming Championship”. As a testament to the use of copyrighted games from leading game publishers in the world.

FA CHAI officially cooperates with our platform to create exclusive activities with bonuses up to ₱8888
The championship prize is as high as ₱8,888
We’re looking forward to you coming and joining us!

WJpesoph promotion
WJpesoph promotion

Participating game manufacturers: FC
🌟Event Date Part 1: 2023/12/18 – 2023/12/24 (GMT+8)
🌟Event Date Part 2: 2023/12/25 – 2023/12/31 (GMT+8)
🌟Event Date Part 3: 2024/01/01 – 2024/01/07 (GMT+8)
🌟Participants: ALL Players
🌟Match calculation method: Valid Bets


Fc Gaming Championship BONUS LIST

Fc Gaming Championship

🌟  Event Date Part 1 2023/12/18 – 2023/12/24 (GMT+8)
🌟  Event Date Part 2 2023/12/25 – 2023/12/31 (GMT+8)
🌟  Event Date Part 3 2024/01/01 – 2024/01/07 (GMT+8)
🌟  Participants ALL Players
🌟  Match calculation method Valid Bets

Activity content:
This competition lasts for 3 Weeks. If the accumulated bet amount reaches
the required amount within the event time, you can receive the corresponding bonus. The more bets you make, the higher the bonus will be.

The bonus will be automatically distributed at the next Monday before 15:00 (GMT +8)
Terms and Conditions:
1.Only one account per player is allowed. No same IP address, Bank Account, and Contact Number allowed. Players who have multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be qualified for this promotion.
2.For those is already applied , you are not able to apply again.
3. Our company reserves the right to revoke all bonuses given to any member if they are found abusing this promotion.
4. Our company reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time.
5. General our company Terms and Conditions apply