How to Play Chess Online With Friends

How to Play Chess Online with Friends: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Play Chess Online with Friends


Do you want to play chess online with buddies but can’t get together? Online chess platforms eliminate that worry! Online chess with pals is always tricky. How to begin: Choose an online chess platform with pals. Many sites offer chess, including and Create an account and invite friends after choosing a venue. Next, learn the platform’s UI. Most online chess platforms feature simple interfaces for speedy play.

Play in real-time or choose a turn-based game at your own pace. Select your time control after selecting the game mode. It sets each player’s move time. You can choose blitz, quick, or classical time controls. Choose your favorite game settings. You can play with or without a chess clock and choose piece colors. Finally, play with buddies! You can talk with your opponent while playing; most systems let you assess the game afterward. Online chess with pals is a terrific way to stay connected and have fun at home. So why not try it? You may win chess!

How to Play Chess Online with Friends

Select an Online Chess Platform

Play chess online with friends can be a great way to stay connected and have fun while social distancing. However, with so many platforms, deciding which one to use can take time and effort. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the most popular online chess platforms and their unique features so you can make an informed decision.


Globally popular online chess game platform has a vast and active community. Live, correspondence, and puzzle modes are available. With video lessons, articles, and interactive courses,’s learning section helps players improve.


Free and open-source online chess platform has a minimalist design and user-friendly interface. It has regular, puzzle, and Atomic/Crazyhouse game modes. A helpful analysis tool on lets players examine their matches and improve.


Premier chess software business ChessBase runs Live games, competitions, and training are available.’s “Let’s Check” feature lets users evaluate their games with the latest chess engines.

4. Chess24: is an online chess platform catering to casual and professional players. It offers live broadcasts of major chess events, various game modes, and training resources. also features a unique feature called “Banter Blitz,” where players can challenge grandmasters to a game while they provide live commentary.


Live games, tournaments, and puzzles are available on, a renowned chess platform. Players can earn and spend Cubits to attend matches and buy virtual things.

How to Play Chess Online with Friends

Create an Account

You must create an account once you’ve chosen an online chess tournament platform. Most venues offer free accounts with the option to upgrade to premium memberships for additional features. If required, sign up using your email address and follow the account verification process.

Add Your Friends

Connect with friends on the platform to play chess online with friends. You can add friends using usernames or email addresses on most media. Challenge friends to games, communicate, and establish group conversations after adding them.

Challenge Your Friends to a Game

Now that you’re connected with your friends, it’s time to challenge them to a chess game. Here’s how to do it:

Log in to your chess platform account.

Go to your friend’s list or search for your friend’s username.

Click on your friend’s name and select “Challenge to a Game.”

Choose the game settings, such as the time control (e.g., 10 minutes per player or correspondence games with no time limit).

Send the challenge, and your friend will receive a notification.

Play the Game

Once your friend accepts the challenge, the game begins. You can move pieces on the virtual chessboard by dragging, dropping, or clicking on the amount you want to move and then clicking on the destination square. Many platforms offer in-game chat and analysis features, allowing you to discuss the game as it unfolds.

 Analyze and Learn

After the game, use platform analysis tools to discuss it with a friend. Analyzing your games helps you learn from your mistakes and improve your chess.


Playing chess online with friends is a fantastic way to enjoy the game, stay connected, and sharpen your strategic thinking. Following the steps outlined in this guide and choosing a suitable platform, you can enjoy countless hours of chess matches and foster camaraderie with friends from anywhere in the world. So, get ready to engage in intellectual battles and make unforgettable memories with your friends over the chessboard!