High Win Rate Roulette Strategy for Smaller Bankrolls

This roulette strategy is designed for players with smaller bankrolls who are looking for consistent, small wins. Although it is not a guaranteed win, it does have a high win rate. The Romanovsky system, as it’s called, has a probability of 86.5% of making profits each spin. Moreover, it doesn’t require a huge bankroll to play, making it an attractive option for many roulette players.

In this post, you will learn how the Romanovsky system works and why your chances of winning are so high. You will also understand what you need to know before implementing this strategy by yourself. To play this strategy, you will place three units on two of the dozens within the empty dozen. Additionally, you will place one unit on two Corner bets, making sure that they don’t include the same number.
Usually, the minimum bet on the outside chances of a roulette table is $5. However, we recommend placing $6 bets on two of the dozens and $2 bets on two Corner bets within the other dozen. This will allow you to follow this strategy at a real roulette table for less than $20.
The Romanovsky system’s popularity is due to the high probability of winning money on this bet, as mentioned earlier. With just $16, you can cover 32 numbers that will bring you profit. If you’re playing European or French roulette, there are 37 numbers on the table. However, if you’re playing American roulette, we recommend finding a casino that offers the European version. You can find the best casinos to play roulette online, depending on where you live, by checking out the link in the description.
We have a 32 in 37 chance of winning, which means we have an 86.5% chance of winning. If the ball lands in one of the two winning dozens, we return $18, giving us a $2 profit. If the ball lands in one of the two winning Corner bets, we also return $18, giving us a $2 profit. Keep in mind that the amount you bet on the corner is the profit you can expect to win. The Dozen bets should be three times the amount you bet on the corner. With a $2 profit on a $16 bet, this gives you a return of 12.5% on your bet.
It’s essential to remember that although we are heavy favorites to make our $2 profit, there is a 13.5% probability we will miss one of our winning numbers and lose our entire bet. Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid overplaying the Romanovsky system. Just two winning spins using this method will increase your bankroll by $25, making it a profitable investment in the long run.
While the Romanovsky system has its advantages, it’s not perfect. If you want to learn about the best roulette strategy, watch this video next. Don’t forget to use the best casinos to play roulette.